A guide to Nissan Note (auto review)
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A guide to Nissan Note (auto review)

The Nissan Note has been selling at a record 20,000 models a year in the U.K alone.Nissan Note 1.4 litre 5 door hatchback.Nissan Note variants. Nissan Note prices 2010.

This gutsy urban cruiser, or 'Supermini' as nissan likes to call it,was introduced into the competitive world of economy cars in 2006.Since then this practical and handsome mpv has been selling a record 20,000 a year ( U.K sales ) ever since, and with good reason.

Coming as standard this five door hatchback with its 1.4 litre fuel efficent petrol or diesel engine, glides off the production line at a mere £10,600( U.K 2010 price ) with its more sophisticated cousins the' Acenta' and 'Tekna', with their added ' boys toys' and extra safety features,both retailing for under £15k.

From 0-62m in 13.3 seconds,a staggering 62.8 mpg (around 45mpg in the city),a co2 ratio of 119g/km, and an awesome 400 miles at cruising speed on a full tank, the green brigade are giving it the thumbs up too.

Its interior's space is a roomy 437 litre capacity (with removal of boards and rear seats),making it seem almost cavernous compared to most cars of its size on the market at the moment.

This also gives the front and rear passenger leg room the best I've experienced in a long time, making it an ideal family and long journey roadster.

For your convenience the Note sports front cushioned airbags, central locking, air con,cd /radio, electric windows, front and rear cigarette lighters and usb and auxiallary- in connector hubs.

Coming in a range of 12 eyecatching colours ( www.batfa.com/photo-newcar-note-colors.htm ) with a long wheel base and alloy wheels, along with distinctive and original front and rear lights design, it rates as possibly one of the more handsome of its ilk on the road today. 


                               The Note's distinctive rear light and high back design.

My personal findings, I find it a handsome, practical and fuel efficent vehicle that's comfortable to drive and very spacious,which is an absolute joy to find in the most crowded or largest of car parks, owing to its rear light design,and high back, that makes it so easy to spot in a crowd.

Your passengers will love it's roomy interior, and comfortable seating.

New models now sport a driver / front passenger drinks holder and rear passengers are treated to pull down table, magazine rack, cigarette lighter and drinks container holder.

On a negative note, pardon the pun, of the three that I have driven, it's only failing would be a slight problem with the fan belt slipping, particularly on wet or cold mornings, but this is a minor irritant that can be rectified in minutes at your local Nissan dealer.

Nissan Note variants and prices 2010.

1.4 Visia                                £10,600.

!.4 Acenta                              £12,100.

1.4 N - Tec                             £12,500.

1.5 dCi  86 Visia                     £11,600. 

1.5 dCi 86 Acenta                   £13,100. 

1.6 Visia                                  £11,400. 

1,6 Acenta                              £12,900. 

1.6 Tekna                                £14,333. 

1.6 N - Tec                              £13,300. 


                                                                                  Side and front view of the Nissan Note. 

                                                                                             © D.B.Bellamy. April 2010. 

                                                                            OTHER AUTO ARTICLES BY THE SAME AUTHOR.  



                                                                                 images courtesy of wikimedia commons.

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Comments (5)

My sister has already for the second time a Nissan Note. Excellent car.

Ranked #26 in New Cars

Yes they are a great car, I'm off to buy my third next month.

Your last picture is the color of the car of my sister. This year, they did a special offer (a car loan without interest).

Ranked #26 in New Cars

Mine is silver also, but I,m having the blue this time, like the one at the top of this article.

Looks like a great economical car!